The Continuous Clamor towards Mammoth Ivory Art

Most of the legally acquired materials that are made from ivory come from the wooly mammoths that are now extinct. There was a time in the ancient period when these animals freely roamed about in the wild. Their tusks can get very long. These can measure up to 16 feet and beyond. There are various artifacts that were placed on various museums all over the globe that were made from the ivories from the tusks of mammoths, which date back around 10,000 to 20,000 years ago.

If you are interested in this kind of collection, it is not really that hard to acquire such as long as you have the capacity to pay and you know where to get the materials from. The source is very important in this case. You must never buy something that is made from the tusks or teeth of elephants that were gotten from elephants that were captured after a ban has been imposed on this activity in the 70s.

The material that was acquired from the mammoth’s tusk is very much legal. There are many carvers that are located all around the world that specialize in carving intricate designs out of this precious object. The mammoths’ existence had long disappeared more than 10,000 to 40,000 years ago. Owning even a small piece that was carved from the mammoth’s tusk is similar to owning an integral part of history that can never be regained. This is the reason why this could get very expensive, but if you really are a collector, this is something that you can afford.

The materials that are obtained from the tusks of elephants and mammoths look very similar when you look at these. The differences will be highly visible when the materials are placed under the ultra violet light. The ones that come from mammoths contain deposits of iron phosphate. When under the UV light, this looks purplish in color. Both types have different angles on their cross sections and the differences can only be pointed out by specialists.

The main source of the kinds that are obtained from the mammoths’ tusks come from the Arctic regions, where these animals got buried before they’ve gone extinct. Legal suppliers must first find the right sources of these materials before they can subject these to procurement. After this process, the end product can then be turned into various forms of sculpture such as jewelry, netsuke, curios and a lot more.

The artistic pieces can then be sold to collectors and other individuals who are interested to acquire such. The materials vary on prices depending on the size and intricacies of design. If you want to start on a collection or add something to what you already own, you may first want to check different online resources. You can also look for the local artifact or curio shops that are near your place.

Things that are carved from a real ivory piece are actually good investments. The source is rare that is why its value keeps on increasing through time.

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